Hair Care: What the Best Salons In Edmonton Want You To Know

hair stylist blow drying hair using a round brush and blow dryer in edmonton at edge style council

We get it! Taking care of your hair can be tricky, especially with all the specialty products and all of the hair care tricks and hacks that seem to be floating around the internet. That’s why we’ve rounded up the top hair care tips that the best hair salons in Edmonton wants you to know. 


Oil your Ends 

Putting oil on the ends of your hair after you wash and condition it can save you from split ends. It also has other benefits, such as making your hair soft and shiny. You may have seen online trends, where people use anything from castor oil to coconut oil or Moroccan oil. We definitely do not recommend food-grade oils for hair. They can cause protein build-up leading to dry and brittle hair. 


There are many oils that are good for hair, coconut and Morrocan being two of the most popular. Cosmetic grade oils, including coconut oil, have a low molecular weight and a straight linear chain making them able to penetrate the hair shaft. 

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Food grade oils can also penetrate, however, when combined with heat from blow dryers or styling tools can form a thin film on the surface of the hair. This film may appear to reduce lifted scales on the cuticle of the hair caused by damage, but it is actually weighing the hair down, preventing it from holding curl from styling tools and causing it to become brittle from limited water absorption.


Wash Your Hair The Right Way

This tip may seem a little self-explanatory, but there is a proper way to wash your hair that could contribute to your overall hair health. 


Washing your hair begins at the scalp. Literally, when you wash your hair, you don’t need to focus on the ends of your hair – instead, focus on gently and thoroughly massaging the shampoo into your scalp, applying minimal pressure, and avoiding using your nails. Massaging your scalp as you wash your hair can boost blood flow to your scalp, which can help stimulate hair growth. 


After you’ve rinsed out the shampoo, squeeze most of the water out of your hair and condition from the ears down, avoiding your scalp to help prevent build-up. Leave the conditioner in for the recommended amount of time before rinsing with cold water. Using cold water helps seal your hair cuticle, which locks in moisture and prevents frizz. 

client having her hair washed at the shampoo bowl at edge style council

It is also essential to use a shampoo and condition that are right for your hair type and concerns. If you struggle to find a shampoo and conditioner, why not talk to our stylists at one of Edmonton’s best hair salons


Don’t Skip the Trim

You may think Edmonton’s best hair salons are exaggerating when they tell you not to skip the trim, but trimming your hair is very important to your hair health and growth. Trimming your hair regularly helps prevent split ends, which is especially important if you are trying to grow your hair out.


Split ends can travel up your hair making it split completely, which shrinks your hair and can make it seem like your hair isn’t growing. Getting your hair trimmed regularly helps avoid split ends and helps you grow long and healthy hair.


Use Clarifying Shampoo 

If you are someone who uses a lot of products in your hair, such as moisturizing shampoos, oils, dry shampoo, or hairsprays, then clarifying shampoo is made for you. 

solu shampoo in edmonton

Clarifying shampoo is for occasional use to help get rid of build-up in your hair. Clarifying shampoo is especially great for oily hair, as it captures excess sebum (natural oils) at the scalp. We LOVE the ​​Solu Shampoo by Davines because it’s a rich and deep cleaning shampoo, formulated to remove residue build-up from styling products.


If you’re struggling with your hair and need some helpful information from one of our professional stylists, please book a free consultation today! Call 780-424-0766 to book your appointment.