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How to find the best hair salon in Edmonton

There are a lot of amazing hair salons in Edmonton, but at Edge Style Council, we want you to experience something even better than amazing. 

But, to get better than amazing, you’ll first have to separate the very good in general from the very best for you—and that isn’t always so cut-and-dry. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to help you find your top Edmonton Salon



Do your research

Researching the Hair Salon in Edmonton that’s right for you should start online. Once you’ve found a salon you might be into, check out their website and social media accounts, like Instagram and Facebook. Checking out their reviews on Google isn’t a bad idea, either. 


Here are some great questions to ask yourself as you check out a new Edmonton Salon online:

 Does the environment look good to you in the photos?

Check out the pictures of the salon itself, both the professional photos on the website and the more candid shots on Instagram or Facebook. What kind of vibe do you get? Does the salon look casual, modern, trendy or upscale? 


Chances are, if the overall aesthetic of the salon feels like a fit for your style, you’ll feel comfortable there as a client. You want to feel like you fit in, so the environment should align with your own personal taste and style. At The Edge Style Council, we want everyone to feel welcomed and valued. We put a lot of effort into creating a comfortable vibe for our clients.


Does the salon have good reviews?

Hit up Google to see what the salon’s past and current customers are saying. Is it mostly positive? Take note of how many reviews the salon has as well. (We are very proud of our many Google reviews from past customers.) 


If the salon has several reviews, you can also check for common themes or topics. Is there a certain service that people keep complimenting? Or, maybe a particular stylist has a ton of excellent reviews. If a specific topic keeps coming up, it’s definitely worth considering.


Do they specialize in or have experience with the specific services you are looking for?

Think about your hair goals and what you hope to achieve during your next hair appointment. Does what you’re looking for align with the salon’s visuals? If keeping your hair healthy is a priority for you, see if the salon talks about healthy hair on the website and social media channels. For example, at Edge Style Council reaching the hair goals of our clients without compromising the health of their hair is a top priority.


Does the salon highlight specific services on their website and social platforms? If you’re looking for Hair Color Edmonton, does the salon mention that it specializes in colour? The Edge Style Council specializes in hand-painted balayage and fantasy colour.


The same thing goes if you’re looking for a texture change. Does the salon have skilled senior stylists offering smoothing treatments and perms? (We do at Edge Style Council!)


Do the salon’s values align with your values?

It’s important to give our business to companies that are responsible, ethical and even share similar values to ours. If something like environmental sustainability is important to you, it should also be important to the salon you choose to visit. 

At Edge Style Council, we make all our decisions with a high level of integrity, including how we approach our craft, what product lines we carry, etc. We are committed to being environmentally friendly. We carry products like Davines, which is known for its commitment to the environment and sustainability, and VERB, which is known as a vegan line, is female-owned and is bridging the gap between drugstore and luxury lines with nothing priced over $20.00.


Talk to the stylist you’d like to work with

Now that you’ve done an online deep dive into the salon you’re interested in, it’s time to choose a stylist that’s right for you! The best way to do that is to chat with the stylist you’d like to work with before your appointment. Call the salon to book a consultation or see if you can chat with the stylist over the phone before you book your appointment. Our website provides a short profile for each of our artists to help you get to know us better.


Here are some great questions to ask yourself as you’re choosing the best hairstylist for you:


Does she listen to you carefully and understand your hair goals?

This really goes without saying, but it’s imperative that your stylist listens and understands what you want to achieve with your hair—including what you want the outcome of your next service to be and what your long-term hair goals are. If you aren’t on the same page, there’s a good chance you won’t be happy with your result. 


Does he know how to work with your hair type?

Once your stylist understands what you’re looking for, can he give you the result you want? What experience does he have working with your particular hair type and are there any limitations to getting the look you want? Or, based on the experience your stylist has had with your hair type, is there a particular style that he recommends based on your long-term hair goals? 


Does she have experience with the service you want?

Just like your stylist should have experience with your specific hair type, she should also have experience with the particular service you want. Is she an expert at applying colour? What about the cut? Can she create amazing layers or a flawless bob? 


Is he friendly and professional?

When it comes to your hairstylist, personality is just as important as skill. You’ll probably be spending many hours in your stylist’s chair, so you should definitely enjoy your time there!


If you’re looking for a new salon in downtown Edmonton, check out Edge Style Council. We’d be more than happy to chat with you, answer your questions or set up a consultation. Contact us today!

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