Why Are Haircut Prices Going Up?


Haircuts are getting more expensive, but you can still find ways to save. Haircut prices have increased over the years, and many people wonder why. The truth is that there are reasons for the increase in costs, and some of those reasons actually mean that customers are getting a better haircut at a higher price point than they did in the past.


How much is a haircut in Canada?

The average cost of a haircut in Canada is between $60 and $90. Of course, ‘Master’ stylists and ‘Junior’ stylists may be slightly more or less, depending on the salon.


Why are haircut prices going up?

Most salons will increase their pricing yearly to match any cost-of-living increases experienced by their stylists and the general population, usually 5% per year. Some hair salons in Edmonton will resist price increases for as long as they can and increase their prices in increments of $5 or $10 every couple of years.

Some things to consider…


Salons are seeing dramatic increases in the supplies required to perform your hair services as a direct result of Covid 19. 


Education is essential for your stylist to master new techniques and master the products required to perform them. Most stylists will re-invest up to 15% of their revenue into their education.


Covid 19 has triggered massive increases to everyday expenses such as utilities, cleaning supplies, office supplies (yes, we have those), beverages etc. 


Many salons are seeing increases in their rent (if their leases have expired since Covid). Many landlords who sacrificed revenue to support salons during lockdowns are looking to recoup their losses. Those who pay a mortgage and “paused” their payments during Covid were hit with giant balloon payments to cover the interest (typical of a commercial mortgage). 


A good set of sheers cost between $500 and $1000 dollars and require sharpening. Professional blow dryers and styling tools often cost 3 times the price of their retail counterpart. 

We acknowledge that EVERYONE has made sacrifices during this global pandemic and here at The Edge Style Council we are all about presenting solutions, not creating problems so we put together some great suggestions for how to get the best BANGS for your buck!



Going to an expensive hair salon in Edmonton doesn’t always guarantee you will get a great haircut. Like anything else, some stylists are more talented than others. Choosing a ‘Senior’ or ‘Master’ stylist definitely increases the odds of getting a fantastic haircut as they tend to have more confidence and experience. ‘Junior’ stylists can offer a great haircut at a reasonable price. They charge less than a Senior or Master stylist because they are building a clientele and building their experience and expertise.

At The Edge Style Council, we have a team of talented stylists of varying experience and price levels who are excited to have you in their chair.



Instagram has become a hairstylist’s ‘virtual business card’ by allowing them to showcase their portfolio. You can search by hashtag to find stylists in your area. Have a look through their posts to get a feel for their style, range, favourite techniques and even their overall vibe. Check out our IG feed for the latest looks created by our team (insert link here)



Your first visit to a stylist should start with a thorough consultation. “A picture speaks a thousand words” so have some ’inspo’ pics saved on your phone! While your stylist is cutting your hair, ask questions. You will want to know how to achieve the look at home and when you should schedule your next appointment. Your new haircut is a walking billboard for your stylist making them highly motivated to ensure that you can achieve the same amazing look once you leave the salon.



Most Edmonton salons and stylists have websites that offer a general idea of pricing. At The Edge Style Council we recently converted to gender-neutral pricing which means we charge by length, thickness, and texture of the hair as well as the complexity of the finish, basically, we charge according to how long your haircut takes regardless of gender. Your consultation is a great opportunity to clarify any questions you have about pricing. We don’t think it is rude.