Which Hair Treatment In Edmonton Is Right For You?

Anyone who has their finger on the pulse of 2022 hair trends knows that hair care is hot right now. From Olaplex buns to the gym to train your hair, it’s all about healthy habits that not only improve the health of your hair but that focus on self-care and feeling relaxed. 

Edmontonians know that our dry, brittle winters and hot, hot, dry summers mean our hair takes the brunt of the damage. Hair treatments in Edmonton are a necessity, and we want to make it easy for you to find out what hair treatment is best for your hair. Let’s get into it!


Types of Hair Treatments:

If you decide to book a treatment at our salon – know that it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. You can be confident that your stylist will be familiar with how to best treat your hair and will consult with you to further gauge your needs. 

If you decide to do a mask at home, be sure to select your treatment from a reputable brand that values high-quality ingredients and sustainability. More than that, be sure to choose the right treatment for your hair type, or you may find yourself with hair that is dull and weighed down. 


Let’s take a closer look at best practices:

For Dry Hair and Dry Scalp

Dry hair is incredibly common, especially during these prairie winters. You may have dry hair if your hair is brittle to the touch, has a rough texture, and breaks easily. 

Dry hair often holds hands with a dry scalp. A dry scalp is often flaky, irritated, and has difficulty producing enough natural oils to coat the rest of the hair shaft. 

Dry hair causes include natural hair texture (like curly hair), weather changes, overuse of styling tools like flat irons and curling wands, excessive shampooing, or the wrong hair products. 

Those with curly hair easily experience dryness and frizz and especially require not only a meticulous at-home care routine and a stylist who knows how to style and cut curls properly but a regular hair treatment full of moisture and nutrients. 

Ask us about our multi-step conditioning treatment if you prefer in-salon service, or focus on treatments that have moisture-forward ingredients, like avocado oil, argan oil, and coconut oil to name a few. 


For Oily Hair

Oily hair is also a common complaint amongst our clients. Those with fine, thin hair are especially prone to the effects of over productive oil glands. Excess oil production in the scalp can spill over into the skin, which is never fun!

For oily hair, some suggest waiting a bit longer between washes, which can ‘train’ the hair to produce less oil, this has varying results but has been known to work in many cases. 

When requesting or selecting a treatment, be sure to select a mask with purifying ingredients like charcoal and clay. 


For Coloured or Chemically Treated Hair

Hair that has been chemically treated or colour treated is at risk for dryness, but it’s often not the same dryness brought about by excess heat or arid weather conditions. 

Sometimes, colour treatments and chemical treatments leave the hair looking limp. In this case, it’s important to request or select a mask that includes protein. A protein-rich treatment will revitalize the hair shaft, seal off open cuticles, and breathe shape back into your strands.



Looking for your next hair treatment in Edmonton? Look no further. Ask us about our treatment options and book a consult today!