Temporary Hair Colour Is So Hot This Year But Is It Really Temporary?

Temporary Hair Colour

More and more people seem to be taking the leap and trying out temporary hair colours. Maybe it’s the lingering DIY vibes of locking down or maybe it’s more about wanting to become a bit bolder in our self-expression (without too much commitment). Either way, temporary hair colour is so hot this year!

Some of you may be wondering, exactly how “temporary” these hair colours actually are?” Is it really as simple as washing in a bright, bold hue, living out your wildest hair-colour fantasies for a few days, and then washing it away without a trace? Or, when you go temporary with your hair colour, are you facing a slower fade over, say, a few weeks or even months?

Here we explore a few of the boldest hair colour trends that you may want to take for a test run as well as what you can actually expect with your temporary hair colour.

Cool colour trends to try in 2021

When it comes to hair colour in 2021, so many of the stand-out trends are bright, bold and unconventional. Picture a hot-pink ombre, a rose-gold balayage, any shade of blue from light and icy to blue-black, a fiery red money piece, or even cool-toned rainbow colours. Pretty much anything goes!

If you’re looking to make a statement, but with something a little more mainstream, strong, solid colours are also super popular right now—think of a full head of striking brown, red, blonde or black.

Although you could easily go permanently with any of these colours, you may want to test them without too much commitment first. Temporary colour is an excellent way to experiment with any of these colours.


“Temporary Color” is commonly divided into 3 categories:

  1. Demi-Permanent
  2. Semi-Permanent
  3. Shampoo in colour


Demi-permanent colour is ammonia-free and mixed with a low-volume developer allowing it to manipulate natural hair enough to darken it or change the tone from cool to warm. It washes out after about 24-30 shampoos. It is typically applied to dry hair and works by depositing pigment on the surface of the hair, only penetrating the hair shaft enough to change the tone or blend greys. Demi-permanent hair offers a diffused finish which allows a soft grow out (no obvious regrowth).

Demi-permanent hair colour is great for enhancing existing blonde colour or for anyone who wants a TEMPORARY colour change. It can also be great for clients with 25% or less grey as it can provide a translucent, highlighted look that helps to blend and soften grey hair without the commitment of full-coverage colour.


Semi-permanent colour is a temporary hair colour that contains no ammonia. Often referred to as a “gloss” or “toner”, it only deposits or “coats” the outside of the hair resulting in changes to the tone of your hair colour. Semi-permanent colour adds shine and polish and typically lasts 5 to 12 washes. For best results, it is applied to freshly washed hair. As it fades 5X faster than demi-permanent, it is a great choice for clients who want to experiment with a brighter colour.


Non-permanent colour that gives you free reign to experiment without consequence. A multitude of colour choices can be creatively mixed together or used separately to enhance cosmetic colour or tone blondes with fun fashion shades. Shampoo in colour generally washes out in 3 to 5 shampoos allowing you to try a new look, risk-free.

The Edge Style Council offers Davines’s Alchemic system of shampoos and conditioners that use pure pigments to intensify or brighten natural or cosmetically coloured hair.

Are you ready to explore bold, vivid hair colours in downtown Edmonton, either temporarily or permanently? Contact Edge Style Council today for expert advice.