Looking for a Modern Shag Haircut? You’re in Luck! – Haircut in Downtown Edmonton


From fashion to hair, 2021 has marked a major resurgence of 1970’s style. On the fashion side, we’re seeing flared pants; flowy, floral prints; fun, graphic tees; and halter tops making a comeback. When it comes to hairstyles, it’s all about bangs, curls, money pieces, balayage and, of course, the modern shag!

colleen with edge style council has curly modern shag haircut

The modern shag haircut is an opportunity to bring back the spirit of the ‘70s, but with a modern twist. An amazingly versatile cut, the modern shag can work for pretty much anyone and any hair type. Here we cover what makes today’s shag haircut modern, why it’s such a flattering hairstyle, how it works for different hair types and how you can rock this timeless haircut in downtown Edmonton today. 


The Shag Haircut is Trending 

Inspired by icons like Jane Fonda, Farrah Fawcett and Stevie Nicks, the shag became synonymous with rock and roll chic because of its edgy, messy layers. However, today’s modern shag can be edgy or feminine and polished. 

It’s still made of messy layers, but today’s shag isn’t as choppy. It’s much softer than the ‘70’s version. Today’s take is also more flexible than the old-school cut—elements like length and styling aren’t so set in stone. It’s an awesome consideration for your next haircut Edmonton downtown.

How it Flatters You

In today’s shag, your hairstylist will consider things like your face shape and hair texture to create the most flattering cut for you. You’ll end up with soft, gorgeous, face-framing layers that are so much more wearable than the one-size-fits-all version we saw in the ‘70s. 


What’s Your Type? 

  • woman with curly hair Curly

If you’ve got curly hair, the modern shag is an excellent option. This cut will give your curls more movement and your hair more shape. Adding layers means removing some of the weight of your hair, bringing on more of those bouncy curls!


  • Straight

The original shag was made for straight hair, so the layers really stand out on this hair type. The modern shag adds volume and texture to straight hair, which means it works wonders for fine hair as well. 


woman with blonde hair and short shag haircutHow You Can Rock It. 

  • With long hair

Although the shag cut was traditionally made for short-to-mid-length hair, this layered look works beautifully on long hair, too. Layers in the front frame the face brilliantly and layers throughout add movement and dimension by removing extra weight from the hair. 

  • With short hair

Edgy, chic, timeless—that’s how the modern shag feels on short hair. A short shag cut can be adapted to flatter most face shapes by placing the layers thoughtfully and by adding a fringe (or not).

  • With mid-length hair

woman with short modern shag haircut
credit to @jayne_edosalon

A medium-length shag is a classic choice. With face-framing layers, a mid-length shag works for almost any hair type, adding texture, volume and movement, making it look ‘undone’ and effortlessly cool. 


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