How to choose the right hairdresser in Edmonton

Myth #3_ Heat tools are bad for your hair.

Let’s be real – the relationship that you have with your hairstylist is probably one of the most important relationships you have in your life. They make your hair dreams a reality and teaches you how to love your hair (and sometimes they’re your therapist – no big deal). 


But how do you choose the right hairdresser? Most of us have experienced the loss of our tried and true hairstylist, or you move and need to find a new hair guru for your do. 


Luckily, Edge Style Council has 3 tips for you to help you find your next hairdresser in Edmonton



First things first – determine your hair goals and needs

All Edmonton hairdressers specialize in different hair services and styles. Some stylists specialize in extensions while others are super passionate about giving you vibrantly colourful hair. 


Identifying your hair goals and needs is the first step in finding a hairstylist because it narrows down your selection pool immediately. Finding someone who specializes in natural tones when you’re going for wild colour may not get you the results you’re going for – so take the time to research stylists who specialize in those hair treatments. 


But what if you’ve found a specific salon you want to try out? Luckily, the majority of salons have hairstylists who specialize in a diverse range of services. 



Check them out on Instagram

Once you’ve figured out what kind of hairdresser you need, it’s time to hit up Instagram. Instagram is an amazing tool for hairdressers to showcase their work and a great way for potential clients to decide if they’d like to book with them.


Check them out to see if you like their work and take a look at what people are saying in the comments! Pick out styles that are the closest to what you would like to achieve with your hair.



Book a consultation first 

Although it can be super tempting to go all-in immediately after finding your new hairstylist, it is best to book a consultation with them before going in for that hair transformation you’ve been craving. Consultations are one of the best ways for you to determine if you’ve found the best hairdresser in Edmonton for you. 


During a hair consultation, you and your hairdresser can get to know each other, while they familiarize themselves with your hair history, your daily routine, your selection of hair-inspo photos, and your budget. Booking a consultation is the best way to set boundaries and expectations – as well as ensure that the hairdresser you’ve selected can give you the results you want. 


Also, consultations are just a great way to test the waters and make sure you and your hairdresser get along – hours-long appointments can be pretty awkward if personalities don’t match. 


At Edge Style Council, we offer virtual or in-person consultations so we can go through all of this and create a plan and maintenance schedule for your hair. 

Looking for a new hairdresser? Why not check out Edge Style Council located in the heart of downtown Edmonton.