Healthy Hair Tips from the Best Hairstylist in Edmonton 

client having her hair washed at the shampoo bowl at edge style council

Having healthy hair doesn’t have to be complicated, but it can be complicated to find healthy hair tips that actually work. That’s why we at The Edge Style Council have curated a list of our favourite healthy hair tips, straight to you from the best hairstylist in Edmonton, Alberta. 


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Choose the right shampoo 

Using the wrong shampoo can make your hair look dull and lifeless – or even worse- actually damage your hair. Make your shampoo choices with intent by choosing products that are right for your hair type. Consider whether your hair is oily, normal, or dry, and whether or not you have problems with dandruff in order to properly determine what your hair needs are. For all hair types consider avoiding shampoos with sulphates, as they can be harsh on the scalp and lead to increased oil production. 


If you’re struggling to find the shampoo for you, ask your hairstylist and they can help you find products that will work for your hair needs. As some of the best hairstylist in Edmonton, they’ll know what product will work with your hair!


client having her hair washed at the shampoo bowl at edge style council

Correctly Condition 

You always need to condition your hair after you shampoo it! When you condition your hair, you may be tempted to wash it out almost immediately. One of the best healthy hair tips we can give you is to be patient and let your conditioner stay in your hair for the recommended amount of time it says on the bottle – this will truly give it the time it needs to moisturize your hair – leaving it soft and silky. 


hair stylist blow drying hair using a round brush and blow dryer in edmonton at edge style council

Be Careful How You Brush 

It is always best to brush your hair when it is dry. Wet hair is more vulnerable to breakage, so roughly brushing your hair when it’s wet can damage your hair despite all the work you did with your shampoo and conditioner. 


Brushing your hair prior to showering allows you to avoid this breakage, but it also helps you distribute all the oils in your hair throughout so you can get a more even clean. 


Start With Your Scalp 

Having healthy hair starts by having a healthy scalp. Scalp issues such as dryness and issues can impact the overall health of your hair – so start by addressing those issues first. You can achieve a healthy scalp by incorporating hair oils that are meant to be gently massaged into the scalp (which also has the benefit of promoting blood flow, which promotes hair growth).


Another option would be incorporating a scalp scrub into your routine – it is unlikely you would want to do this every time you wash your hair – but using a hair scrub regularly can help cleanse you of irritation and itching. Scrubs contain physical or chemical exfoliants that help remove excess skin cells, oil, and dandruff. 


Need more help? Contact the Best hairstylist in Edmonton at the Edge Style Council.