Hair Colour trends we will see in 2022

Downtown hair salons in Edmonton are watching the trends poised to influence hair trends next year. With the world opening up again it is time to make sure your hair looks alive with the latest hair colour trends for 2022.  Not sure what they are? The Edge Style Council, one of Edmonton’s best downtown hair salons, has your back with our list of hair colour trends we will see in 2022! 


Peach Blonde 

Move out of the way strawberry blonde – it’s time for peach blondes to shine.  With tones ranging from neon to pastel, this shade of blonde promises a colour that is the embodiment of warmth and style in 2022. 

Peach Blonde hair

Fiery Reds 

We don’t think anyone is surprised to see red on this list. Red is a true classic that appears on trend lists year after year – simply because red is ALWAYS  on trend! 

Fiery Red hair

Those itching to finally embrace the red trend this year can do so with a fiery ruby red or a multi-toned apricot red with shades of copper and strawberry blonde for a truly dimensional look.  

Caramel Melt Balayage short hair

Call up your Edmonton hair salon downtown to get started on your red transformation! 




Mushroom Blonde/Mushroom Brunette 

Downtown hair salons in Edmonton are primed and ready to execute this food-inspired hair trend! Mushroom blonde and its mushroom brunette counterpart will undoubtedly be must-haves for those seeking out cooler tones in 2022. 


Mushroom colours are named after the fungi themselves – as these colours aim to replicate the ashy look of mushrooms and reject the traditional definitions of blonde and brunette. Mushroom shades are perfect for blondes who want to go a bit darker, and brunettes who want to go lighter without adding any additional warmth. 


Caramel Melt Balayage 

The thought of going cool for 2022 just not doing it for you? No problem, caramel melt balayage may be the way to go! 


Caramel melt balayage techniques add a sunkissed warmth to your hair by adding lighter caramel-Esque blondes and lighter browns to a darker brown base.  The result is a high contrast look that adds dimension to your hair – allowing you to showcase a seamless colour transition when straight or a voluminous blend of colours with curls or waves. 


Caramel Melt Balayage long hair



Cotton Candy 

For those who truly want a dramatic – and cute – look for 2022, cotton candy colours are where it’s at. These colours can embrace the gentleness of pastels or the vibrancy of a fierce hot pink. 


These colours are a fun way to try something different with your hair while also making others nostalgic for their favourite cotton candy flavours. Using a variety of cotton candy shades, especially combined with a platinum blonde results in your hair becoming a kaleidoscope of colour with intense dimension. 


Peach Blonde long hair


Hair salons in downtown Edmonton are experts in all of these 2022 colour techniques. So why not give the Edge Style Council a call to make your appointment with one of our expert stylists to make sure you’re ready to dance into the new year?