Get Set for a ‘70s-Inspired Summer

In the midst of a global pandemic, many of us are facing a lot of changes to how we view the world. It’s no surprise that we are finding ourselves inspired by the 1970s—a decade remembered as a time of exploration and change. 


The ‘70s were inspired by the spiritual awakening of the 1960s. The freedom of the hippy movement eventually morphed into a decade of rebellion, expression and exploration. As a result, the fashion of this decade reflected many changes taking place around the world. Men were silently protesting the Vietnam war by wearing green and camouflage. Women were burning their bras in protest of enforced femininity and wearing everything from micro-minis to men’s suits. Spiritual enlightenment and the civil rights movement inspired both sexes to express themselves with garments that reflected Buddhism, Hinduism, Asian, Indian and African cultures. 


Music also played a big part in influencing ‘70s fashion. Early in the decade,  people were listening to folk and psychedelic rock bands, which inspired soft-and-flowy styles. But, by the late ‘70s the punk music scene had taken over, inspiring edgy, rocker-chic looks and anti-establishment styles. 

The hairstyles of the ‘70s followed the same metamorphosis that clothing did with soft, sexy, big hair and bangs evolving into edgy, heavily layered looks like the mullet and the shag. 


Fast-forward to 2021, and some of the biggest hair trends we’re seeing as we move into summer are inspired by the 1970s.


Haircuts and Styles

Let these gorgeous throwback cuts and styles shape your summer look.



Imagine softened, blunt fringes inspired by Britt Ekland and Sharon Tate. Or consider iconic curtain bangs inspired by Brigitte Bardot.

70s-Inspired Summer

Curls and BIG hair

It’s time to go big and let those curls flow. Channel your inner Donna or Farrah with these sexy looks.

Photo courtesy of Jayne Matthews @jayne_edosalon
Photo courtesy of Jayne Matthews @jayne_edosalon


Shags: Modern Mullet shags and wavy shags

Inspired by the iconic Jane Fonda, the shag became synonymous with rock and roll chic because of its edgy, messy layers. Today’s modern shag can be edgy or feminine and polished. This style works with every hair type and provides that effortless, it-girl vibe for the summer by creating volume and dimension while framing your face. 

70s-Inspired haircut

Hair Colour

2021 colour trends feature face-framing blonde pieces that allow you to “go blonde” without sacrificing the integrity of your hair.

The Money Piece

Money pieces offer gorgeous depth and contrast. A pop of lightness or colour adds dimension to your hair while accentuating your face. This trend works for EVERYONE because it is customizable to your face shape, haircut and style. You can customize the colour to include vibrant fashion colours and choose to let it grow out naturally. It is an excellent way to achieve a sun-kissed brightness for summer without a big commitment to blonde hair.


Balayage is still going strong because it offers a soft grow-out and a less-is-more vibe. 

Keeping the highlights away from the root and spaced out provides stunning dimension and a forgiving grow-out process, allowing for fewer visits to the salon.

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