Four Hairdressers in Edmonton Who are on Top of Their Game

hairdressers in Edmonton

With so many hairstylists to choose from, finding the right stylist may be giving you that needle-in-a-haystack sort of vibes. You need a hairdresser who, of course, has the talent and expertise to help you achieve the look you want. It’s also important for you to find a stylist who listens carefully, understands your hair goals and clearly communicates how to make them happen. 


However, let’s not forget that experience and know-how isn’t all that you need in your next hairdresser. You’ll likely be spending a lot of time in your stylist’s chair—whether that’s 60 minutes every three weeks, three hours every three months or something in between. That means finding a hairdresser you genuinely ‘click’ with is an absolute must! 


Let us introduce you to four Edmonton hairdressers who are talented as heck and totally on top of their game. This is your chance to get to know a little bit more about the incredible stylists at The Edge Style Council. Let’s see which of these local experts is the best match for you and your hair! 


Meet Ilias

Educated in the UK, Ilias is a Master Barber. Extremely outgoing and always sincere, Ilias has been nick-named “Yoda” by many of his clients because he dispenses helpful and practical life advice. If you love music and are into travel, then you have a lot in common with Ilias and your time in his chair will fly by. 


ColleenMeet Colleen

Colleen is an experienced stylist who excels in colour formulation. She is committed to learning and is currently working towards her Bachelor of Commerce degree. A multi-tasker extraordinaire, Colleen is a very good listener and extremely intuitive. She is known for her sincerity when sharing her opinions and expertise with her clients. 




Meet Teresa

Teresa, aka “Little Italy,” grew up in the beauty industry. Her mom was a hairstylist and she started shampooing and blowing out her mom’s clients at only 12 years old. A talented and confident hair stylist, Teresa likes to accentuate natural beauty and will NEVER compromise the integrity of her client’s hair. Teresa’s attention to detail is second to none and she values professionalism as she offers her most sincere thoughts and opinions to her clients.


haileyMeet Hailey

Hailey is our up-and-coming new talent at The Edge Style Council—and she is definitely destined for longevity in the beauty industry. Extremely attentive and patient with both her clients and her co-workers, Hailey is always there when you need help. She is a devoted “foodie,” and absolutely loves fashion, colours and edgy styles. 




One important thing that all of these stylists have in common (besides top industry training, skill and expertise) is that they each of them wants you to feel welcomed and valued while visiting the salon. We make every effort to maintain your comfort through hospitality and inclusivity.


Ready to meet your new hairdressers in Edmonton? Book your consultation with Ilias, Colleen, Teresa or Hailey at The Edge Style Council today! Find us on Instagram.