9 Tips on Finding the Right Hair Salon

Finding the right hair salon in Edmonton? Our tips will help you find the best hair salon for you!

Ask for recommendations from friends

A recommendation from a friend is a great way to kick off your search for a talented stylist.


Consider your budget

Most salons have a website that outlines pricing. This information will help you decide if a hair salon is right for you.


Check Google reviews

This is a great way to investigate a salon or stylist prior to booking. However, don’t let one negative review deter you, especially if there are many positive ones. A salon’s response to a negative review on Google demonstrates their attentiveness to their brand, as well as their communication and problem-solving skills.


Find your vibe

To get an idea of the vibe, culture and values of a hair salon, start by checking their socials. Check out their décor, the theme of their posts and look for references to musical preferences in order to get an overall sense of their personality, sense-of-humour and level of professionalism.

Social media can also help you determine the style and expertise of a stylist. Some specialize in men’s cuts, some in fashion colours, others in balayage, etc.


Book a consultation

It can be intimidating to sit in a stranger’s chair for the first time. It’s really nice if there’s some extra time for you to get to know each other and outline expectations. Clear communication and transparency are key to a successful consultation and a great indicator of professionalism.


Ask about parking and amenities

Having a free and convenient place to park is a big deal for any Hair Salon Edmonton, especially downtown!
Other amenities are awesome, too. At The Edge, we offer refreshments and snacks, as well as charging stations for mobile devices. We have an eclectic collection of music and take pride in streaming full HD quality tunes through high-quality Klipsch speakers!


Consider cleanliness and safety

This is more important than ever in the wake of a global pandemic. At The Edge, we pride ourselves on our cleanliness and intend to maintain our strict cleaning and sterilizing standards indefinitely.

We have always maintained a strict policy of not coming to work when sick. We will always reschedule our clients if we are displaying any symptoms and ask our clients to do the same to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being.


Make sure the salon is respectful and inclusive

You should feel welcomed, safe and comfortable as soon as you enter the space.
At The Edge, you can rest assured that your privacy and time will always be respected. You will have our undivided attention during your visit.


Take your time

It takes time for you and your stylist to get to know each other. If you are hesitant, start with a blowout or ease in with a haircut before diving HEAD FIRST into a big transformation.


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