Welcome to our new website!

We launched our new website in December! Developing content for the site forced us to really think about who we are, what’s important to us and what we want to communicate to existing and future clients. This is more difficult than you think.

Obviously, as stylists our biggest desire is to offer quality hair in a creative and professional way. As our most visible body part, hair helps create the perception you want to project whether it be sexual, youthful, affluent, intellectual, rebellious or a combination of these. During the Greek and Roman empires detailed wigs were worn as symbols of wealth and status. Cleopatra was famous for her seductive, thick, black hair. Political figures and judges often wore wigs as a sign of wisdom and fairness.

As we explored our roll in our guests’ lives we realized that we offer more than just beautiful hair. We offer a place to enjoy companionship, exchange information on everything from the arts to politics and to experience human touch.

Everyone who visits us at the salon knows that We LOVE our guests. We LOVE creating an inviting space with amazing music. We LOVE sharing stories. We LOVE what we do. The trick was to communicate this to potential guests through our site. As a team, we began by listing what was important to us professionally as well as our favorite things about our amazing space. This led to discussions about some of the comments from guests that really stood out in our minds. Specifically comments about how welcoming our space is. We often hear that visiting a salon can be intimidating and are very happy to know that we have created an inviting space where everyone feels welcomed and appreciated.

Our conversations resulted in identifying 4 core values:


Which the led to 7 basic rules that we will strive to live by:

  • Beauty comes from within, feeling good is supported by personal care.
  • Trends inform us, they don’t define us.
  • Our relationships with our clients are our most valued asset
  • Transparency and integrity above all else
  • Never stop learning
  • We are part of something greater

Eventually we developed a Mission Statement:

We are in the business of

  • Creating a comfortable and fun environment FOR EVERYONE
  • Creating genuine and inclusive connections with our clients, friend to friend
  • Creating art through inspiration and knowledge


We now have a statement of purpose that clearly identifies the priorities of our team. We look forward to your feedback!